With Fathers Day coming up, we should talk about the Dads that we see all the time, but share no relation too.  They make us laugh, and give crazy advice.  Sounds like a regular Dad to us.

We have been letting television families into our homes for years.  As a matter of fact, we were letting them into our homes via the radio before the TV was standard in every home.  All of them are unique in their own way, and we will always remember them.

Tom Bosely provided us with that fatherly charm of the 50's on 'Happy Days' as Howard Cunningham. He was there for Richie, Joanie, Fonzie, and anyone else who came along for advice.  We watched Tim 'The Tool Man' Taylor inure himself week after week through the 90's, and Cliff Huxtable introduced us to the all important 'bacon-burger-dog'.

Let's not forget about some other memorable Dads.  Danny Tanner made sure we always learned a lesson, and Sheriff Andy Taylor provided that southern style of parenting.  Some of the more underrated Dads could be Phil Dunphy on 'Modern Family' and Homer Simpson.  Despite their antics, they always do what's right for their families.