This is the most adorable clip I have ever seen. I imagine this is the same way Michael Moore looked after he found out his mother is three fifths Glen Beck. Well, he’d look like this if he both found that out and weighed about 200 pounds less.

Sixty-two-year-old Craig Cobb, a crazy White Supremacist leader, has learned that he is not as “pure” as he once thought.

“The white supremacist attempting to turn a small North Dakotan town into a ‘white enclave’ has undergone a DNA test which proves he is of Sub-Saharan African heritage…” – DM

This Cobb guy has hated his own kind for so long he has got to be super confused. My guess: if they dig deeper into his genealogy they will discover much more. Being such a passionate self-loather like this can only mean he is also related to Woody Allen and cartoon dog Droopy.