As I was visiting the Clifton Park Mall on Saturday I heard Christmas/Holiday music being blasted through the speakers facing the parking lot and throughout the mall. Mind you, this is three days after the holiday, itself, has come to pass.

This made me wonder, when is the appropriate time to stop playing seasonal music?

There are radio station both local and online that start well before Thanksgiving, which is a bit overkill if you ask me. Some of these stations go all the way into the New Year.

As I was walking around the mall I proposed the question on our Facebook page:

How long after Christmas, if at all, should Christmas music be played?

Here are some of the response we got:

Right after you open presents the tree should be immediately launched out the window into the yard and all music stopped -  Kyle M.
This is a tough one. Technically we are only ob the 3rd day of Christmas (as far as the Traditional 12 days of Christmas goes) but i am done with it after X-mas day. - Daisy M.
shut it off Dec 26 - Diane L.
As long as you'd like - Mary T.
January 6, the last day of the Christmas season. But it should start until after thanksgiving! - Dominick P.
Well the restaurant I work in starts playing it the day after thanksgiving and continues to play it until new years day... - Christian S.
Christmas night @ 11:59 pm should be the end of it - Carol C.

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