It's Valentine's Day. A day that women enjoy being celebrated and showed love, while guys just hope to get a little action for acting like they care (oh, you know it's the truth).

A little love and affection is okay but some people take their affection to all new heights with cute little 'pet names' for one another in the relationship. And for some, this goes way too far. Such is the case of an early Valentine's Day present given to one lady in our office.

Those of us who work near her were aware of the pet names her husband and herself use with one another. Yes, we crack good nature jokes about it from time to time but I'm not sure how much to hold back on this.

The flowers were delivered early Thursday morning, before the snow storm hit. Upon opening the flower box, a card was found inside with the below message written.

Take a read and let us know; have they gone too far or are they just that crazy in-love?