Valentines Day is coming up tomorrow, and most guys have waited to the last minute to get a gift.  If you say that you haven't, you're lying.  So here is some help for you.  Ladies, it's time to vote.  What gift do you want more on Valentines Day.

While some people choose to ignore the commercial-ness of Valentines Day, others choose to embrace it.  Whether you are a new couple, or celebrating a 25 year anniversary you want pick out the perfect gift.  Us guys however are always trying to figure out which is the best thing for our lady?

Do you go with chocolates and cater to her sweet tooth, or possibly flowers that will die in a matter of days.  Either way the price is jacked up beyond belief.  You could also go to spicy route and pick your lady up some sexy lingerie.  That is a sure way that both of you will win.

So which one of the three do ladies want more on V-Day?