You probably didn't notice, but I haven't blogged nearly as much this week as I usually do. That's because I've had so much electrical/technological drama associated with my mom's new computer that also affected my laptop. It's a long story that's still in the works, but not having the internet for a few days inspired me to write a blog about other things you can do when it isn't available. We as a society are way-too dependent and addicted to the internet, I'll be the first to admit, so here are some alternatives to the hopeless but all-too wonderful cyber world.

When it first went out, I freaked. So many things went through my mind: how will I blog, how will I know what's going on in the world, how will I feed my Neopet (yes I still have one, keep your comments to yourself) and OMG Facebook! It's pathetic and I hate even admitting it, but my main concern was a stupid, useless social networking site. How do we become so conditioned to something that has no meaning or value? It's sad really that we are nearly brainwashed into thinking our lives revolve around such things, but in a digital world what can you do? Well here are three things you can do if you're ever out of the internet. It WILL be OK, you won't go crazy- I promise!

1. Get your news elsewhere- yes, it's possible!

Believe it or not, there are still those things called newspapers, as well as television news. If you can't get your news

 online, turn your TV to channel six, nine, 10 or 13 to get all of the latest breaking news along with sports, weather and other types of news. It's not as fun, since you can't pick and choose what to read about or watch, and you can't get a handful of different articles and opinions about the same matter, but it's the next best thing.

Then there's those dinosaurs in paper form called newspapers, which a lot of people, mostly older folks, actually prefer. They enjoy reading on paper and getting only one view of something, as the internet can overwhelm and/or confuse them. Us youngins can too read the paper, even if it's a last resort. It will do your eyes and mind good not to be staring at an electronic screen for once and to get some ink on those fingers that are usually used for typing- this will only lead to carpal tunnel. You win either way, because after you're done reading all of the different sections and seeing who has died recently, you can do the fun games and puzzles located (usually) in the Classified section. They change every day and are a ton of fun, especially to a word game geek like myself. Even if your net isn't out, try one of these news alternatives anyway. You never know- you might find that these work better for you in the long run. Don't forget to recycle them after you're finished reading them!

2. Get stuff done- be productive!

I don't know about you, but I tend to neglect my daily and weekly tasks and chores due to the internet. I tell myself OK I will get up and do this, this and this, but it never happens, because as I'm surfing the net I see that, that and that, which is obviously (I'm being sarcastic here) more important than my to-do list. It's ridiculous and there's no excuse, but something I see might be gone tomorrow, while my piles of clothes, car and dishes will still be there waiting for me. So the next time you're digitally lost, be productive! Clean your room, house, car or anything else that needs it. Read a book, yes those still exist too. Play a game (any type) or do a puzzle, listen to music, go outside, have a yard sale, go shopping, workout or spend time with friends and family. After awhile of not being a slave to the internet you might actually enjoy seeing loved ones who will be there long after it dies, if ever, otherwise I guess the family and friends die first. Oops! Then you'll read about it in the obits in the newspaper! See one non-internet thing can lead to another.

After awhile, you'll get used to not having the internet to depend on, so you'll automatically do the chores as needed, well, hopefully. That's the plan anyway. It didn't work for me, but I'm sure it will for you!

3. Dig into the past- reminisce about your favorite memories

It's always fun to look through old things that collect dust and cobwebs in your attic or basement, so why not do this during a "great time of need?" Look through old photos, yearbooks, letters, stories, school stuff, etc. It's a lot of fun to go through stuff like this and reminisce about that moment in time, and you could do it for hours and not even notice that time has gone by, unlike the internet where time just seems to fly- which is horrible considering how fast time in general already goes by. Try this- you'll be surprised what else it could potentially lead to.

So the next time you're internet-less, you will know what to do to keep busy. I thought I'd sadly go crazy without my internet, but after two days I enjoyed the break. Even if you don't ever lose your connection, pretend you don't have one or even disable the connection and try these tips anyway. Do yourself a favor and unplug yourself for a few days. You'll get a lot done and will be able to reevaluate your internet usage so that you're not so dependent on it. After all, what happens when technology fails?

Would you ever try any of these tips? Have you ever been internet-less?