the royal baby


It’s no secret by now but the tiny little royal brat has final been named. Prince William and the duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton‘s baby will be known as George Alexander Louis.

If you are like me you think they made a horrible mistake with that one. If your naming a royal baby you need to pick something with a little more pizzazz. Kim and Kanye aren't royalty and they had the baby name game on lock down when they named their kid North. So once again I have to do everything for the royal family and pick up their slack. The following list is what I think would have made more suitable royal baby names.

  • Prince Baby Killiam
  • Prince Pickmy Nose
  • The Baby Formally Known as Prince
  • Royal Pain Intheass
  • The Duke of Dookey
  • Baron Von Baby Boner a.k.a Prince Albert
  • Nicki Minaj


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