I think that the term "dork" or "nerd" is used quite often to describe people who are into various things like comic books, fantasy, reading and also sometimes someone who is just smart.  I don't think being a "nerd" or "dork" is all bad though.

I have been a dork for as long as I can remember.  Into things that all dorks were into, except for dungeons and dragons, never really my thing.  However, I was into comic books like crazy when I was a kid.  It's healthy to like something like that I think.   But the term "dork" can be used to describe so many things.

Besides being a comic book dork, I am also a music dork, sports dork, movie & television dork and pop culture dork.  Being a dork to me just means you have a ridiculous knowledge of something.   You can reach deep into your brain and pull out a fact about something that no one else in the room knows.  It's actually not a bad thing.  I know that I can tell you anything about movies (provided I've seen it, and I probably have) and also being that I work in radio I know a lot about the music biz and the people in it.

There is dork in all of us. Mechanics are car dorks.  People who follow the fashion world are, well, fashion dorks.  Everyone is a dork in one way or another.  So I say stop being ashamed of all the things we are into too, and just let that dork flag fly.  Fly it high as a matter of fact.  So what makes you a dork?  Don't be afraid to share, because we all have a little dork in us.