Is it the whole getting older and developing dementia thing that makes old men turn into perverts? Or is it something in the water?

About a week ago I read a story about an elderly man who was offering high school students money in exchange for sexual favors. Now today I read about a man from Athens who exposes him self in front of 2 young girls. I’m all for getting older and not carrying what people think, but there has to be a line drawn some where.

When my grandfather defecates him self at family parties its weird but in a strange way it’s cute. But as soon as grandpa drops his britches and starts diddling his crank like he was playing Mario Party it becomes creepy and inappropriate. We need some way to keep the old perverts under control. We can’t punish them by law; because lets face it jail is a death sentence to some one in their 70s. I suggest some sort of shock collar that they’re obligated to wear. That way next time pop-op starts twisting balloon animals using his flesh sausage we can just give him a zap with the collar and little jimmy’s birthday party wont be ruined again.