I had been searching my house for weeks to find a concert shirt that I know I still have somewhere and my 10 year old son said he wanted to see. I finally found it buried in a tote and in need of a wash, but I still have the Alice Cooper shirt from his Trash tour in 1990!

These shirts are quickly moved to the end of your shirt rotation and worn only on weekends, but it's amazing what memories a simple t-shirt can hold. You think back to who opened, who you went with, how much cheaper shows were back then. It becomes a piece of your personal history. Sure, it doesn't fit anymore, it's worn and a bit tattered, but you look at it with the fond memories of your youth. If you had it to do over again, some things may change, but that show would not be one of them.

I had a ton of them over the years, but somehow they seem to have disappeared over the course of time. Maybe I gave one to an old girlfriend, maybe I wore one out, or maybe I should have just kept better track of my stuff over the years.

Share your oldest concert shirt with us and the memories you have of that show. If you can, include a pick.