Yesterday I showed you the video of Sgt. Moore of the US Marine Corps asking Mila Kunis to the November Marine Corps Ball in North Carolina.  Well she has accepted his invitation and will be going with him.

This guy certainly has a lot of guts and high hopes. Part of me wants to believe that Mila Kunis will actually go with this go to the Ball in November, but another part of me is also realistic. This video has gone viral over the last couple of weeks, so there is a good chance that she has seen it. I wonder how many invitations she gets that are like this one.
I wish you the best Sgt. Moore. A very ballsy move and I hope it pays off for you. So Mila if you're reading this, why not go with him? Just give the regular guy a shot and it's a victory for men everywhere! Enjoy the Gallery of Mila Looking beautiful like always.


Yesterday in an interview with her Friends With Benefits co star Justin Timberlake, Kunis responded to the video request. She said that she will go to the ball!  That's fantastic!  I was really pulling for this guy.  I don't think that it's going to blossom into romance, but it will make the Marine Corps Ball a little better than it usually is.  Good for this guy!