So let's say you're on the verge of losing your Internet connection. It's going to be taken away unless you give something up. What would you give up to keep your Internet? A hot shower, or maybe your favorite beer? What about sex? Some Americans would give all that up to just keep their Internet connection going.

According to an article at ABC New's website, The Boston Consulting Group, did a survey and released a report that says Americans would be willing to give up alcohol, as well as taking showers and chocolate to keep their Internet. In some cases, they even said they would give up sex. Now, I love my "square-headed girlfriend" as much as the next geek, but that, for me, is a little too much.

The study was done on the importance of the Internet to the economy. The study shows that in the G20 countries, the Internet and e-commerce will account for 5.2% of the those countries GDPs. But what got the researchers was how much consumers loved the Internet. 21% said they would give up doing the "horizontal mambo" to keep the data flowing. And another 69% would drop coffee. I plan on asking the 2 people I know who are completely addicted to coffee if this is something they would really do. I'm betting they wouldn't. But the numbers in the study say volumes.

As for what I could give up, there really isn't much. Yes, I'll go through withdrawl if I did, but I have done it before, and I can do it again. It's not as big a deal to me as it seems to be to others. What about you? What would YOU give up?