Some interesting things are popping up in the field of Science including the fact that they may have actually found alien life in a meteorite and the discovery of some really old fishing gear.

So this was a pretty interesting weekend if you are all into science.  I mean, if you're interested in humanity in general it was a pretty cool weekend of discovery.  We may have actually found some new life form inside of a meteorite, well fossils of a new life form.  Also archeologists came a cross some 12,000 year old fishing equipment they could lead to more information as to how the America's became populated.  Overall, some pretty cool stuff.

Now how real is this finding of "alien life"?  Very real, it's just not as exciting as little green men in flying saucers.  It's microscopic fossils inside of an ancient meteorite sample.  The scientists are saying that there is no evidence that any kind of earth life had tampered with the fossils so the findings are totally alien.  I guess only time will tell.

The other cool discovery from this weekend was some really, really old fishing equipment.  Now I know what you're thinking, but don't look at it as nothing.  This equipment, found on Islands near Southern California, dates back more than 12,000 years.  They were found near a settlement which leads scientists to believe that they may have been sea travelers that settled near California which could of lead to the population of the rest of the Americas.  It's also a pretty cool find because for years most thought that the population in the Americas were just big game hunters, and now it seems as though some were fishermen.  It also give proof that people came to the area by sea, and not just the widely believed land bridge scenario.