It was a pretty lukewarm weekend at the movies.  Both a blockbuster and a family flick ended up losing.

Not exactly what the movie studios were hoping for at the end of this weekend.  I feel like both Warner Bros and 20th Century FOX hoped for a bigger reception for their movies that hit theaters.  Thos movies would be Green Lantern and Mr. Popper Penguins.

Both of them finished in the top 3 (Green Lantern 1, Mr. Poppers 3) but the money that they made pales in comparison to the money they expected them to make.   Green Lantern is the biggest victim of this.  It had a massive budget over $300 million and only made $52 million in it's first weekend here in the states.  They are hoping that it makes up some of the cost when it opens up overseas.  Then again $52 million was enough to get it number one.

Mr. Poppers Penguins only made a disappointing $18 million.  Though their budget was no where that of Green Lantern.  I have absolutely no desire to see a movie about Jim Carrey acquiring a bunch of penguins.  The only thing that caught my eye with this one is the fact that it co stars Carla Gugino, and I have always thought she was way hot (Sin City anyone?).  But, she is not enough to get me to go see this turd.

Super 8 remains near the top of the charts in it's second week.  It sits at number 2 taking in another $21 million. The Hangover Part 2 and X-Men: First Class also remained in the top 5.