Who knew 'The Great One' had such a hot daughter?  Paulina Gretzky may have gotten into a little trouble with dad after she tweeted some very sexy pictures of herself and her twitter account mysteriously vanished.

Looks like Wayne Gretzky might be a little bit protective of his daughter Paulina, who just happens to be a 22 year old model and aspiring pop star.   It's no secret that Paulina, the oldest of all of Gretzky's children is smokin' hot, but after posting some pretty sexy twit-pics her twitter was just up and gone.

Speculation, according to Yahoo Sports blog puck daddy, is that Gretzky made her delete the account after a bunch of her pictures were picked up by The Chive.

Essentially though she didn't do anything wrong, but in dads eyes it probably wasn't appropriate.  Plus she has to look out for family name.  At least we got to snag these pics before the account went down.  Lets hope she creates another one, because we could get use to these updates.