There are enough problems in the world for our national and local governments to deal with but for whatever the reason, the town of Watertown decided to have a council meeting about the roommates living with one man due to a neighbor complaint.

In the department of "None of your damn business", Deborah Cavallario became upset last year that her neighbor, Travis Hartman, was living with his fiance and their two friends in a home that he recently bought.

Travis said he rented out the room to his friends to help with the cost of the mortgage on the newly purchased house. That didn't matter to Deborah, she asked the city council to rezone the neighborhood to "prevent unrelated roommates from sharing a house together."

Deborah claims she "didn't like the number of cars parked in front of the house and didn't want her neighborhood to be overrun." (Yes, I'm serious). Go figure, this is considered a "wealthy" neighborhood that Travis moved in to so there has to be one neighbor that has nothing better to do but worry what everyone else is doing.

The two sides went before the city council to explain their positions on the matter. A former neighbor of Travis' explained that he is a good person and just needed the help to cover cost after moving in to the new home. A unnamed resident claimed that Deborah seen those living in Travis' home as a "Servant class" and didn't deserve to live in their neighborhood.

The council passed the rezoning issue in a vote of 3-2 but the Mayor voted it down saying "it's a slippery slope when a town rules who can and cannot live together in a home" to MailOnline.

No lie there! One person caused all this stink because she "didn't want to see her neighborhood overran." Something tells me she married in to money and likes things her way only. I can't even believe this was brought before city council and they wasted the tax payer's money talking about the topic!