There is only one place on earth where you can see a man with a baseball for a head, an eastern European tree and ants all fighting it out. Also, it’s closer than you think.

If these kind shenanigans spark your interest then might I suggest checking out these videos from Chikara?

I don’t know how to explain what you are about to see but I do know you must be warned. If you hate to smile then look away.

However, if you love pop tarts of every verity and dig comic books, pro wrestling and super hero movies then click away.

This is Chikara. It’s more of an all out experience than it is a standard wrestling show. Unfortunately I don’t think they will be swinging through the Albany area any time soon but there are some shows nearby. (Montreal)

So CLICK HERE to check ‘em out and watch the videos below. Who knows, you might see a familiar face or two and learn that you actually enjoy inter species combat.