There is not one person on this earth that can pass up a sampling of some delicious pulled pork. One restaurant has put a new twist on it, and dessert.

Two things that people love just so happen to be cupcakes, and smoked meat. Why not combine them? That's what Chef Adam Sobel has done at Bourbon Steak in Washington DC. He has taken a cupcake style, and packed it full of juicy pulled pork goodness.

Not a traditional cupcake, it's more of a biscuit. A cheddar cheese infused biscuit stuffed with some of their freshly made pulled pork. This could hands down be the greatest cupcake creation ever made.

Don't think you can't get some delicious pulled pork creations here in Albany. If you travel to Latham and visit the Lager House, they have a pulled pork pizza that is so good your head will explode. I say more food with pulled pork, and less with vegetables, no who's with me?