We would all like to believe that we aren't alone in the universe, but sometimes people seem desperate when it comes to 'alien spotting'.

Earlier this week things got a little crazy in the Nations Capitol. Many people were claiming to have seen a UFO over the Capitol Beltway. It sure as hell looks like a UFO. Finally the proof they were looking for? No. A big NO as a matter of fact.

Turns out the UFO was actually a military drone. This makes the one billionth case where people think they see a alien ship, and it turns out it's a military vehicle. This boils down to a couple of things.

  • People really want to see a UFO
  • The Government has discovered aliens, and won't tell us
  • The Government is actually aliens

It's most likely that third option. If we keep seeing these 'military drones' being tested, why are they never used? Is the Government just hiding alien space ships, and experimenting with them? Are They afraid we can't handle it?  Who knows. We do have exclusive file footage of what happened the last time aliens came into Washington D.C.