In Abilene, TX a 52 year old wannabe criminal tried to pull off the crime of his life but didn't think it through too well. Needless to say that swapping price tags on a TV and dollar item was easy to catch.


William Kelter went to the local WAL-MART, swapped the price tag on a $228 T.V. with one for an item valued at $1.17, and tried to check out in the self checkout line. Brilliant plan right? Yeah, not really.

Wal-Mart's Loss Prevention team jumped into action nabbing William before he could leave the building. Instead of fessing up to the crime, he tried to hide the lower priced barcode. Once again, this brilliant idea didn't work and the team foiled his entire plan.

The cops hauled Kelter off to jail and charged him with felony theft, destruction of evidence, and a class A misdemeanor destruction of writing (no clue what that means). The icing on the cake, his previous convictions have helped to up the severity of the charges.

Begs the question, what kind of drugs was he high on when formulating this plan?