Finally the best show on television returned to us on Sunday night.  The mid-season premiere of AMC's The Walking Dead came back to wrap things up, and open new doors to things even more terrifying than walkers.

So when we left off way back in November we were left with the lasting image of little Sophia as a walker.  After all that time, she was dead and locked inside of Hershel's barn.  Rick ends it by shooting her in the head, and now their mission to find her is over.

The one effected most by this?  I would say Daryl.  Finding Sophia gave him a purpose, almost like a way for him to feel important.  Now what does he have left?  When Carol won't go to the make shift funeral for Sophia you can tell it set him off.  Now he is once again all alone, like his mind was telling him back when he saw visions of his brother Merl.  Hopefully we get some closure with Merl, I feel his story is far from done.

So now that Hershel and his party have seen that the walkers are in fact dangerous and dead (not sick) and there is no cure, at least not yet.  This sends Hershel off the deep end, especially when one of the walkers he was protecting tries to kill one of his own.  So he disappears.  It's up to Rick and Glenn to go get him in town where he is held up at a bar.

Obviously going in to town is dangerous business, but as it turns out walkers isn't the only thing our favorite group of survivors need to fear.  There are dangerous people out there who are willing to kill you, to take what you have.  This is what they encounter while at the bar with Hershel.  A couple of guys from Philadelphia come in, and it seems nice at first, but then things get crazy when they want to join up with Ricks party.

Fact of the matter is, Rick doesn't know these guys, and they don't exactly seem like the greatest of company.  Things get very intense for a moment and then Rick is called to action.  Us or them.  He chooses to protect himself, Glenn and Hershel and now knows that if pushed, he can kill a man.  Now, not only do they have to fear walkers, but people.

In other Walking Dead news, Shane is still crazy.  Everyone is finally starting to realize that maybe he isn't the most stable of people, and Dale lets Laurie in on his theory that Shane might have killed Otis.  Laurie decides to play hero and go into town to fetch Hershel and Rick to get them back to the farm because Beth has gone into shock.  One thing leads to another, she gets into a car crash after slamming into a walker, now she is on the side of road.  Dead?  Probably not, but I am willing to bet that she's not pregnant anymore.  We will have to wait and find out what happens with her.

Get a sneak peek inside of next weeks episode here.