Another of the major highlights of this year's Rock On The Range was Volbeat on the main stage for Sunday's closeout show of the weekend long festival. The band recently released their latest album "Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies" and the first single "The Hangman's Body Count" is climbing the Active Rock radio chart towards number one.

The band has become one of the most loved bands in rock music, finally gaining attention in the United States after nearly 12 years and 5 albums.  For their latest effort, Rob Caggiano was brought to helm the album as producer and he would later be asked to join the band full time. Rob, formerly of metal legends Anthrax, would say "yes" to the new endevour. He joined me in Radio Row on Sunday before the band took the stage

I started off by asking how he became involved in the project in the first place.

(leaving Anthrax) It was a really hard emotional thing for me. The future was very unknown at the time. Michael (Poulsen) and the guys caught wind of what was going on and Michael called me to see if I was interested in producing the new album.


When I left Anthrax I figured I'd produce a few records, get back in the studio, and that would kinda bridge the gab and give me some time to figure out what I wanted to do as a guitar player, as an artist.


I got the call and a couple of days later I was in Copenhagen. I sat down with Michael and he showed me the new tunes. Him and I sat down with guitars. A couple of the tunes weren't finished and he was saying Rob do have any ideas for this song, that song.


It was a great this creative chemistry.

I followed up by asking if he felt inspired by the chemistry and working with Michael

Totally. I haven't been able to flex my creative musical (laughs) so to speak in Anthrax. The first meeting was kind of like the catalyst for what was to come a few weeks later.

It was two weeks into it when they asked me to join the band.

Hear the whole conversation that also features Rob talking about the pressures of learning all the older songs for tour while producing, editing the new album below.