When a loved one or friend dies; we are left with photographs, videos, and memories of that person to hold on to. In some cases, there might even be a song that makes you remember that person. What if that record you play with that song was made from that person, literally.

And Vinyly in England can create a physical memory for your friends and family to remember you by. The company will take your ashes and press them in records that people can play with your custom playlist.

After cremation, your ashes can be sent And Vinyly's pressing plant. They take the ashes and mix them into vinyl pellets that are used to create the record. The basic package consist of 30 LPs for $4,600.

The biggest issue people seem to have is creating the playlist. What would you pick? Would it be tough?

Below are my five songs I can safely say would be on my playlist. Truth be told; I ran in to an issue even coming up with this list, so good luck.

  • 1

    Cold feat. Aaron Lewis "Bleed"

  • 2

    Lit "Here's To Us"

  • 3

    Bouncing Souls "Night Train"

  • 4

    Black Stone Cherry "Like I Roll"

  • 5

    Social Distortion "Story Of My Life"