This is hands down the most disgusting and shocking story to ever involve the words “Victoria’s Secret” and “teenager." Two 17-year-old girls were arrested for shoplifting in New York City's Midtown Victoria’s Secret when security guards discovered something horrendous and appalling.

“A suspected teen shoplifter was busted Thursday after she was found to be carrying a dead fetus in a plastic bag while swiping lingerie at a midtown Victoria’s secret, cops said.

The horrifying discovery at the Herald Square store occurred after a security guard spotted the 17-year-old girl and a pal snatching sexy undergarments off the rack and called police.” –NY Daily News

Normally I would add something witty and condescending at this part of the post but I’m literally speechless. I don’t know where these little teenage monsters come from that can just poop out a baby and then go commit theft.

My biggest question, however, is if this girl was, in fact, still pregnant when she entered the store, why was she looking for sexy clothing? Was this the plan all along? Was she intending to rid herself of the current pregnancy and then steal some sexy clothing so she can try and get knocked up again and repeat the whole process?