It's the next Christmas cage match and we see two holiday movies that feature beloved American television characters.  The Muppet's do battle with the Brady's to see who will move on to the next round.

I would probably consider both of these a bit of a Christmas guilty pleasure, but perhaps they are holiday staples to some.  When I was a kid I always looked forward to A Very Brady Christmas year after year.  This was a huge TV movie, and the highest rated of 1988.  It was so successful that it was released on VHS a few years later and as a special disc with the Brady Bunch complete series DVD  in 2006.  Then you have the Muppet's who are loved by both children and adults, and that's probably because they have been around forever (but who's complaining).   The outcome of this should be very interesting.

The Brady Christmas is great because it's years after the series had ended and you can tell they are older because of the ugly sweaters and terrible 80's mustaches.  Kind of glad that the original Cindy wasn't able to come back for it because the woman they got to play Cindy was way hotter.  But who can deny the story telling of the Charles Dickens classic by everyone's favorite puppets.  Kermit as Bob Cratchit, Gonzo as the narrator and the always awesome Michael Cane as Scrooge.

So which one will reign supreme?  Vote now!