This past weekend, I relived some of my childhood taking a small vacation at Coney Island in Brooklyn.  Don't let the kiddie rides fool you, though.  This little getaway in the southern part of Brooklyn, NY. has some great adult entertainment as well.  

Sunday morning, Country Scottie and I took off from the capital region and headed for the theme park to partake in a little Coney Island mini-vacation.  If you have never been, you may be thinking that you can enjoy the same sites and sounds at the local fair.  Well, believe it or not, there are some great adult activities all within a short walk on the boardwalk.   Instead of taking several small trips, Coney Island places a few hot spots of fun all on one strip.

The rides at Luna Park are great for young and old.   The famed Cyclone at 85 feet and 60 mph can get the blood flowing for about eight dollars.  Though rather expensive, you can try your bravery at the Sling Shot - nothing like being shot 150 feet in the air at 90 mph. The likes of the Mermaid Parade and Tea Party I believe are meant for the tykes.  For another six smackers, you can head over to Deno's Wonder Wheel Park and ride the Wonder Wheel (Ferris wheel).


Right behind the rides is a two and half mile stretch of beach that is free to the public.  If you're looking for a dip in the Atlantic, there are a few bathrooms to change in, water spouts to clean the sand from your feet and some quasi clean water to hop in.  I found the water to be cleaner as you stay near the string of rocks.  I was even able to keep the water waste level going out mid way through the rock line.  Ol' Monte can't swim :(  I know, I need a tan too.



Right behind the boardwalk lays a beautiful minor league baseball field - MCU park, home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.  As part of the Mets farm system, the Cyclones play in the same league as our Valley Cats.  In fact, the Cats were playing the Cyclones when I went.  You really can't go wrong paying $16.00 for a box seat.  There is a museum detailing Brooklyn baseball history that charges only a buck to enter too. Their promo team, the Beach Bums, aren't too shabby either.




For eats, where else but Nathan's?!  The original location and home of the hot dog eating contest that takes place every Independence Day is a few steps away from MCU park.  I paid less than four bucks for my original dog and it was darn good.


Some advice if you head down, park at MCU park.  I paid $15 to park there all day!  I went to the beach and the game for only 15 dollars and I didn't have to search the streets of Brooklyn for a place to park the luxury mobile.  Also, if staying overnight, there are no hotels near Coney Island. You have to drive a short distance out of the area to find a place.  Finally, what drove us nuts was a part of the google map directions that got me a smidge lost.  The directions from Crossgates to the beach state to take exit 2 for Amsterdam Avenue on step 15 but I found out this is exit 1B.  I'm pretty sure that exit 17 to merge on to RFK bridge on step 17 isn't labeled on the road. I saw exit 16 and 18 but 17 was hiding on me!

Have you ever been to Coney Island? Is ol' Monte the only one too scared to get on the Sling Shot?