Graphic video of four United States Marines popped up online earlier this week, and now those Marines are facing the consequences of their actions.  Things don't look good for them.  According to the BBC News the US is not happy with the footage of the Marines urinating on the corpses of Taliban soldiers.  The Secretary of defense Leon Panetta calls the acts "deplorable".  You can bet they will face some pretty harsh punishment.  After seeing the video Panetta ordered officials from NATO in Afghanistan to investigate, and two of the four Marines have now been identified.   If you have not seen the video you can check it out below, but be warned it is graphic and NSFW.

I have a lot of friends and family who served in the Military and I fully respect all of our armed men and women, but what these four guys did just isn't right.  As soldiers for the USA I think they need to hold themselves at a higher standard.  By doing what they did, we are brought down to their level.  Why anyone would have taped it is beyond me.