I'm not really into soccer, but when it comes time for the World Cup for both the men and women I am usually watching.  This year was awesome for the US women, but they fall short to Japan for the title.  I did however develop a small crush on team USA forward Alex Morgan.

Like most of the country yesterday, I was heartbroken when the US lost the World Cup final to Japan.   Japan probably needed the win more than us to help boost their disaster stricken nation, but still, I wanted that win.  One win that we did get was being able to see Alex Morgan play on the national stage.

Not to say that female athletes aren't pretty, but Morgan is one of the most beautiful female athletes I have seen since softball pitcher Jennie Finch.  My fiance was actually the one to point out how pretty she was.  It was at that point that as she ran down the field I started seeing it in slow motion and heard "Dream Weaver" playing.  What a World Cup performance for her. She had 2 goals, and as mentioned before, a pretty big one yesterday.

I mean look at her, she's adorable!  The youngest member of the US national team at 22 and she also plays professional soccer right here in NY for the Flash.  Sad that team USA comes up short, but I'm glad that we got to see our team go as far as we did.  Also glad we got a chance to see Alex Morgan a little bit more.

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