So most of the federal government has flipped over the closed sign. While in the middle of a recession they couldn't pick a better time to do this. Can anything good come out of this? Will this stop "ObamaCare?" Only time will tell.

Much like most Americans I do not have a full grasp on all the ins and outs of "Obama Care."  But I do realize something needs to change with our healthcare system.  As someone who was hit hard by the recession I lost my job in a profession where I made good money with great benefits.

Figures that shortly after I lost my job, I needed surgery. Burning through my life savings and maxing out my credit cards just paying rent and car payments and trying to feed myself. Without insurance I could not afford the medical bills. Due to my past finances I couldn't get medicaid. I did find a free clinic where I waited six hour to be told "You need surgery as soon as you get insurance." (I did go back again and was told I was put on a waiting list to get my surgery. That was a year and a half ago, still waiting for that phone call).

Fast forward a few years, I now work 70 plus hours a week at two jobs still paying off my credit cards to break even. I recently had my surgery that cost over $10,000, and after what the insurance pays for I still owe $2,300.

Doing nothing about our health care system is not working. Not saying "ObamaCare" will fix everything, but taking a vacation at the cost of the tax payers will solve nothing in my opinion. We need to abolish political parties. No more Dem's vs Rep's. Stand together and fight the nation's problems as one. Always remember life in good heath is a right not privilege.