Nothing drives me crazier than when a community collectively drives horribly.  Unfortunately for us we have a bunch of places here in the Albany area that do it better than anyone else.  All around the world people hate bad drivers - now who is to judge who is a bad driver and who isn't?  I would say that is a "at the moment" type call.  I guess maybe someone isn't a bad driver all of the time, but some consistency would be much appreciated.   Much like most of you, I have driven all around this great Albany area and have become a very bitter angry driver.  Road rage?  Perhaps - but seriously this is my top 5 of the places in the Capital Region with the worst drivers.

5. Schenectady

I don't think that it's the people of Schenectady's fault that they are horrible drivers, but I think it's the environment that they are in.  Maybe not all around the city, but at least where I have to go it always seems like everyone is super angry and aggressive.  That stupid merge onto I-890, forget it when you have to merge because no one lets you in.  You better know where you're going too because these crazies will tailgate you and fly around at first opportunity.  Pedestrians beware, the good people of Schenectady show no regard for a crosswalk, so go at your own risk.

4. Voorheesville

Introduce a round about to these people and all hell breaks loose.  This is where my parents reside, so I have to travel over there often.  Not quite the middle of nowhere, but almost.  Never have I been in an area where someone will ride your ass in a 40mph zone while your doing 45, pass you, then slow down to 15mph in front of a school.  Unreal.  Back to that round about.  It's like none of them have ever seen one before.  Everyone comes to a complete stop even if no one is coming.  That is not how it works!  There is a huge difference between being overly cautious and an idiot, and most of them are idiots.

3. The Hill Towns

This is where I grew up. The mighty helderberg mountains are home to some of the worst drivers in the area.  No one, I mean no one is in a hurry to get anywhere.  So if you are in a rush you may want to call ahead and tell people you'll be late if you get stuck behind a farmer in a 25 year old truck that's spewing out a nice cloud of black smoke.  It's probably the relaxed attitude of living up there, but seriously people is there really a need to constantly go 15 under the speed limit?  The good thing about people on the hill though is that they know how to drive in the snow, which is something that can't be said for anyone off of the hill.

2. Albany

Can anyone say rude?  I hate driving in Albany, but have to quite often.  What a mess.  By the way DOT, thanks for marking when there is a turn lane 4 inches before you get to it.  Really good way to let people know.  Albany may have the best water, but they have some pretty awful drivers.  I don't know how many years 787 has been there, but no one seems to know how it works to this day.  I love getting behind some old lady in the middle of it and she is going 40mph.  Much like Schenectady, I think it's the environment.  Some of the roads are confusing and not labeled well.  I remember when I had jury duty and had to find the court house on Eagle St.  I drove all the up and down it and found nothing.  Oh that's because it veers off into what looks like a totally different street.  Plus lets face it, Albany has the worst pot holes in the world.

1. Bethlehem

Photo courtesy flickr user dougtone

Maybe I am biased because this is where I live and am here most of the time but the City of Bethlehem, in my opinion, has the worst drivers in the whole area. Now Bethlehem consists of a couple different towns.  You have Delmar, Glenmont, Selkirk and Slingerlands.  What a cluster of terrible when it comes to driving.  I understand being cautious in neighborhoods, but these people take it to a new level.  Overly cautious parents make driving through anyone of these places an absolute headache.  I have a great idea - instead of giving me a dirty look while I'm going 30mph in a 30, teach your kids not to run in the roads.  These people are more of those people that never seem to be in any kind of hurry to get anywhere.  Slow moving traffic all of the time makes it very difficult to make a left hand turn in some spots because you have one guy going slow in one direction which you might be able to beat, but in the other direction you have a guy coming super fast.  So you wait, and next thing you know your window is closed and your stuck waiting for 5 minutes.  The Bethlehem Police are also a bit outrageous.  If you are going 2 over the speed limit they'll pull you over.  It's like they are so bored they'll do anything for some action. 

So those are my top worst driving spots in the Albany area.  I'm sure that you have your own top spots that I missed.  Probably because I don't have much experience driving there.  Do you agree or disagree or maybe want to add one?