First it was Ten now what can Pearl Jam fans expect when the Vs/Vitalogy reissue box sets arrive  next month? The reissue of Pearl Jam’s second and third albums, are set for a March 29 release.

The highly anticipated updated releases, remastered by Adam Ayan, are set to coincide with Pearl Jam’s 20th anniversary celebration. Accompanying will be a feature retrospective film (directed by Cameron Crowe), a festival weekend getaway for fans and other surprises.

Expected in the reissue packages are remastered albums, live performances, a cassette from the band’s Monkeywrench radio series, a composition notebook (similar to those which frontman Eddie Vedder pens his lyrics) and a memorabilia-filled envelope. Extended versions of the reissues are planned as well, which will include Record Store Day vinyl editions for each album. The limited edition collector’s box set will feature a double vinyl LP and CD of Live at the Orpheum Theater, Boston, April 12, 1994 plus an exclusive digital download of the concert.

I appreciate these re-releases.  It great to get your hands on this stuff, if you are a huge fan. Wouldnt it be better to just have a new album from the band or not cost more than $100?