These frat boys can deny butt chugging but they can’t deny me their lawyer is not the same guy who invented the ooze that created the ninja turtles!Ok I get it, elephant walking and slipping chicks roofies with your bros is so important to you that you’re willing to get a lawyer to protect the frat. But did you really need to travel back to 1991 and get the dude who worked for TGIR to represent you? His bow tie is more distracting then the D-bags behind him in sunglasses. However I think it was the moment he said “he asked Zanders if he had been butt chugging?” that I just about lost it. I can’t understand how no one else in the video is laughing. Are they all made of stone? This is the most ridiculous press conference I have ever seen and Bill Nye saying the words “Butt Chugging” over and over is glorious.

PS: is that bro in sunglasses wearing an ear piece like some secret service member?

PPS: I’m pretty sure this Zanders fellow doesn’t know what “Butt Chugging” is because he probably calls it something way cooler like “colon shooting” or “chocolate starfish tsunami treatment”.