Our friends to the north, you know: the Epic Meal Time dudes from YouTube? Yeah, those dudes go crazy with their ridiculous, yet yummy looking, over sized, over loaded and sky high calorie creations, especially with the Ultimate Pizza Sandwich.

'Pizza on pizza in pizza on pizza' would be the best way to describe this 45,133 calorie loaded pizza sandwich. Add layers of bacon, cheese, pizza, and dough- homemade of course- and you have the greatest creation that the fellas have conjured up.

So, of you go: Pour a nice tall glass of Jack, sit back, and get ready to be like 'that's pizza on pizza on pizza, son!'




Ok, so the Ultimate Pizza Sandwich will not be making an appearance this Thursday in Clifton Park and Schenectady, but many area pizza joints will be. Get your tickets for the Third Annual Pizza Wars here and come enjoy pizza on pizza on pizza.