Many students are not happy that they have to pay for the mistakes of others and are planning on celebrating Fountain Day anyway.

The traditional Spring welcoming party held at UAlbany has been canceled and a lot of students feel that they should not have to pay for the crimes of just a few.  Petitions are currently circulating around the campus to get University President George Philip to un-cancel the annual celebration.

The argument that most students are making is that they weren't involved in the Kegs n' Eggs riot so why should they have to suffer?  Unfortunately what students are failing to realize is that UAlbany's reputation is on the line according to Vice President for Student Success Christine Bouchard.  The school has been receiving letter from parents of future students wondering what the school is going to do in the future to prevent this.  So the concern for the schools future is there.  Also many local businesses are saying that as f right now they won't be hiring students from UAlbany.

On the other hand there are students that totally understand what is going on and support the President in his decision to cancel Fountain Day. They are also urging students who are planning on doing "rouge" celebrations to think about their actions before they go through with them.