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How often do you read a title like that? Normally, some drunk fool runs into an innocent person who was just out running errands. Nope, not in this case, not at all. In fact, this story is somewhat comical. I know what you're going to say: Two people were hurt, how is that comical? Look it, drinking and driving is one of the most selfish things someone can do. So the fact that two goobers ran into each other hopped up on hops is, to me, is ironically funny. 

Now please give it up for 21 yr-old Justin O'Hare of Guilderland and 21 yr-old Lauren Nixon of Schenectady.  See, these two were heading down Guilderland Ave. in Rotterdam early Sunday morning and apparently ran into each other.

Google Maps Screenshot

The big wreck happened at the corner of Draper and Guilderland Ave with both vehicles sent off the road. One of the cars hit a nearby church with the other hitting a power pole, knocking out power for local residents.

Both O'Hare and Nixon, along with a passenger in one of the cars, were sent to the hospital with minor injuries. Oh, both drivers charged with DWI.

I would say both were extremely lucky. Lucky that no one was out taking a walk. Lucky that the passenger wasn't killed. Just lucky!