A strange story developed on Friday when a man was found dead in his home from a gun shot wound. It was learned that his daughter pulled the trigger, and she's going to appear in court. The City of Troy has seen it's share of terrible events. Last week a man was found dead in his home. The Police didn't knwo right away what the cause of his death was, other than a gun shot to the head.

As it turns out, it was a murder. The details are a little crazy. The victim, 47 year-old Harlan Copeland, had been drinking and disovered his 17 year-old daughter, Trinity used his ATM card. According to the Times Union, he threatened to kill her, then himself after the discovery. It didn't quite go that way. Instead, he told his daughter to kill him.

She did just that. Trinity laid out all the details of the night in a two page confession. It sounds like it was kill, or be killed. She'll appear in court on Wednesday for a preliminary hearing.