And the hits keep coming in as a Troy police officer is currently sitting on the bench while a week old investigation into his off-duty affairs aimed at his behavior in Hudson is underway. 

According to News10, veteran officer Michael Johnson was pulled over after Hudson PD spotted him exiting a house that was 'well known' to cops. Apparently, Johnson and two others were pulled over on March 10th after leaving the house, with sources saying that one of the passengers was Johnson's brother.

And the plot thickens!

Johnson's brother was allegedly found with heroin on him and arrested. During the investigation Johnson informed cops he was a Troy Police Officer, denied any wrong doing and was not charged.

This little tidbit though, this may offer some insight into this whole thing, well, when the investigation concludes. Back in 2012, Johnson was stabbed in the leg as he tried to apprehend two men as he chased them behind the Martin Luther King Jr. apartments while he was off duty.

I guess we'll see what happens as Troy PD tries to bounce back from that night club fiasco months ago.