Troy police on early Saturday discovered one of the many Uncle Sam fiberglass statues around the city beheaded. Now, $400 plus reward is being offered for the return of the head.

The Uncle Rainbow statue, located between State & Broadway, was beheaded early in the morning. The statue has since been taken to the Business Improvement District for repairs. It is one of 30 statues placed around the city but they have seen their share of vandalism, including six being covered in graffiti.

Troys former Mayor Harry Tutunjian calls it criminal:

We're hopeful that someone with information can come forward. We're also hopeful that some video captured downtown somewhere at some business that might capture someone walking down the street with the Uncle Sam head.

A $425 reward is being offered to anyone who turns in the person that took the head. Tutunjian adds that a $1,000 reward if the suspect stands before Troy Night Out and let's citizens sling tomatoes at them.

Troy Police are asking anyone will information about the decapitated head to call 270-4421.