Trust me, Arizona, once you change this law, it's not going to open up the flood gates of topless women on the streets. According to around 25 men and women marched through the streets “topless” in protest for equal clothing rights. Wow 25? What a HUGE support team. I would have though at least 9,000 women would be rushing downtown to bare their chest.

I don’t understand why any one man would want this law lifted. Do people believe that if it’s as soon as it’s legal that hot looking women are just going to walk around topless every day? No, it’s always going to be the ones who you wish had more clothes on taking their shirts off.

I live in NY where it is 100% okay for women to bare their chest in public but yet I almost never see good looking ones taking advantage of their freedom to do so. Which is why I am asking the ladies of the capital region to rise up and help in supporting the women of Phoenix by sending us pictures of them practicing their right to be topless some where in Albany NY. lets show the women in Phoenix what they're missing and let's help them in their fight for equality! Don't take for granted what you have ladies!


Support women’s equal clothing laws with Q103

Send a picture of your self some where in Albany practicing your right to be topless in public to

Remember to have something recognizable of the Capital Region  in the background or the Q103 Logo visible. good luck and keep fighting the good fight ladies!