Halloween is almost two weeks away and to help celebrate, we took a poll around the office to see what was everyone's favorite horror movie franchise is and what they would be watching to get ready for one of the best holidays of the year.

No real surprises when you look at the Top 5, but still, some good choices to look at when you are getting ready for the scares.

Just remember, leave the lights on [insert evil villain laugh].

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    Doesn't matter if you like the original or the Rob Zombie version, Halloween is the way to go for the Q-Staff during the holiday.

    Creepy dude wearing a William Shatner mask that is overly obsessed with killing his sister, yeah - works for us.

    Don't forget that AMC typically airs the entire original series the week leading up to Halloween, itself.

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    Friday The 13th

    Another movie series that AMC airs in it's entirety around Halloween. In fact, it starts today (Oct. 14).

    Though the killer in the first two films was Jason's mother, it's still a scary good time to watch all the films - accept for Part 9: Jason Goes To Manhattan and Jason X, we can't bring ourselves to like those films.

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    Nightmare On Elm Street

    1, 2 - Freddy's coming for you.

    The movie that made most of us scared to fall asleep at night. The original Nightmare series had many, many great scares and creative deaths. The reboot of the series didn't take off so well as it seems like they were trying too hard to really re-create the magic of the original.

    However, Jason Vs. Freddy is high on our watch list this year. It's a great combo of both movie styles in one for a killing good time.

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    Living Dead Series

    Though not the first movie about zombies, it was the first and most notable series about the living dead.

    George A. Romero took the film world by storm with his independent film in 1968. Made for only $110,000 and seen as "too violent" for the time, the film currently sits in the Library of Congress preservation in the National Film Registry.

    The original then led to "Day," "Dawn," "Land," "Diary," and "Survival" films in the series.

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    The modern day horror series that spawned the genre known as "gore porn," "Saw" started out as an independent film that would go on critical and commercial success to see 7 total films in the series.

    Many fans thought 7 was too much but not many "horror franchises" have really been franchises since the 80's and early 90's, so this was a true success for the horror genre and closes out our Top 5.