The doors open at midnight on Black Friday and the mad dash inside to get the deals and the insanity begins.  People fall, kick, scream, and get hurt all to save a few bucks on a crock pot or 32 flat screen TV.   We compiled the Top 5 You Tube videos of Black Friday Stampedes.


It's like a running of the bulls. Walls and gates are crashing.. people are fighting and displays are falling.


If you don't feel like cattle in this video.. and then people start going nuts over a stupid crock pot! Check it out at 3:30.


People really do act like idiots, check out the guy that they just push out of the way. Of course it all ends with a trip in an ambulance.


This is a funny edited compilation of some stampedes and how ridiculous people are.


Check out the woman who gets kicked and loses her weave!

What are you doing after the big meal? Running with the bulls at Walmart or Target? Have fun!