So we are counting down all kinds of Top 10 lists this new years weekend.  Thought I would throw in my own, my Top 10 favorite tunes of all time.

First of all Happy New Year!  Now lets get down to business.  Q103 is counting down some of the best top 10 lists all this weekend.  I'll personally be going through the top 10 Chili Pepper tunes later as well as the top 10 Metallica and Godsmack, two of my favorite bands.  So while I was looking at all these top 10 lists a light bulb went off. Why not share one of my own?  So over the last week I have thought long and hard and come up with my top 10 favorite tunes.  Now I am a metal head at heart, but this spans all genres.  So here we go.  A rare look inside of my mind, in terms of songs anyway.  I'll start at 10 and work my way up to numero uno.

10.  AC/DC-Back in Black:  Who doesn't love this one?  AC/DC is like the quintessential no BS rock n roll  band and Back in Black stands the test of time as one of the greats.

9. Aerosmith-Draw the Line: Old school Aerosmith at their best.  Draw the Line is one of the first songs that made me stand up and take notice at rock music when I was back in Junior High.

8. Cheap Trick-Surrender: Arguably one of the best songs of all time.  I have always loved Cheap Trick and probably always will.

7. Andrea Bocelli-Por Ti Volare: For those of you not into Bocelli give it a listen.  First of all he is an Italian Opera Singer turned pop star and this song is absolutely beautiful.

6.AC/DC-If You Want Blood:  I couldn't leave off one of AC/DC's crown jewels.  Who doesn't get pumped when they hear this one?

5. Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath: Now Sabbath is my all time favorite band and the self titled song still gives me chills to this day.  When Geezer Butler and Toni Iommi are hitting those evil notes and Ozzy is belting out the dark lyrics, whew, I never loved being terrified more.

4. Dio-Rainbow in the Dark: Ronnie James Dio, RIP.  One of the best singers of all time and Rainbow in the Dark shows his amazing vocal range and talent.  Tonight I shall crank it up in honor of him.

3. Stone Temple Pilots-Dead and Bloated: Love this one.  Dead and Bloated is hands down the best STP tune in their library, must be why they leave for the encore.

2. Metallica-The Thing That Should Not Be: Master of Puppets is by far the best Metallica album, sorry all you Kill em All fans.  The Thing That Should Not Be is one of the most badass tunes on the record from the opening bass line by Cliff to the ending shreds.  I will admit it's hard to pick one favorite tune off that album, but for now it's this. Leper Messiah is a close second though.

1. Led Zeppelin-Misty Mountain Hop: To this day, if it comes on I have to listen to it in it's entirety, and then repeat.  Now Zeppelin is, as Mrozek says, "The Almighty and Powerful" when it comes to rock.  Bonzo's drumming lays down such a sweet groove along with John Paul Jone's catchy bass line and Jimmy jamming right along with them.  Lest we forget to awesoem vocals laid down by Plant. Plus it's is based on my favorite book, "The Hobbit".

Well there it is my top 10 favorite songs, for now lol.  I want to know yours so feel free to share! Comment below or shoot me an email.