‘Give The Drummer Some Love’ is the first solo cd from Travis Barker of Blink. The second single ‘Carry It’ features RZA, Raekwon & Tom Morello on guitar. It sounds like Tom is actually doing a little jamming on the guitar in the middle of the solo but the entire lead is so far in the back of the mix that you can’t really hear anything he’s doing. Kind of sucks because it sounds like he’s doing something different than his traditional solo which has always been more like a bunch of guitar sounds than anything. Not that that’s bad. It’s a unique shtick that Morello has. It’s just that he does it all the time and I want to hear something different from him. I want to hear Tom rip out a true solo with the guitar cranked way up in the mix. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen in this song. It’s got a good groove though. And I love the title of the cd as if you've ever played in a band, you know that drummers do need love too!