One thing that has never mixed well, at least depending on who you are, is food and social media. You've seen your friends post pictures of their food every time they eat or talk about what they are eating while eating it. Hans Scharlar of Pittsburgh, PA has taken that idea to a whole new level.

Hans set up a Twitter account for his kitchen toaster. It sends him a message every morning when his toast is done - you know, instead of waiting to hear the sound the toast makes when the bread pops up.

How did he do this? Hans glued switches to the toaster that detect when it's "toasting" and when it's "done." When the switch hits the "done" position a tweet is sent to Hans to notify him his breakfast is ready.

The tweets are sent to his Twitter email account and even better, people have started to follow the toaster on Twitter. At this time of this post, there is just over 2,100 people following the toaster.

Laziness, lame excuse for social media attention, or a really cool idea?


You can follow the Twitter Toaster: HERE

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