Nothing says punishment like a good ol' spanking from your parent. I grew up in the 80's and 90's where spanking a child was still seen as "OK". Modern times have shown us that younger parents don't believe too much in the old methodology of physical punishment.

Who's to say who is right and wrong I suppose in the conversation, but I hate it when someone see a parent spanking their child that their first though is "should I call child services?"

Which is interesting considering a new study says that 81% of Americans are "OK" with physical punishment of a child. 

Earlier this week a story hit the net of one parent's crusade to end corporal punishment at schools across the country. This was do, in part, to a letter she got from her child's school where the school asked permission of the parent to use physical punishment on their child.

Harris Interactive conducted the online survey that found eight out of ten (81%) Americans say a "parent spanking their child is sometimes appropriate", leaving 19% to say it's "never appropriate".

The "appropriate" number is down slightly from the last time Harris conducted the poll back in 1995. The reason? Generational. Younger people (18 to 34 year old) don't see spanking as a proper form of punishment, while older people (68 and above) say it is OK.

Of the younger end of the poll, 34% say they were spanked when their parents should not have while 66% say that what they deserved. (Draw your own conclusions about those who feel they shouldn't have been spanked).

What about other physical punishments? 23% of people polled said they received worse physical punishment than a spanking at times growing up.

So that begs the question: To Spank Or Not To Spank?