Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is responsible for a couple of things, mainly Kyle Orton ending up in the unemployment line.  He is also responsible for a growing trend called 'Tebowing". 

If you have ever watched Tim Tebow play football you know that sometimes he likes to randomly drop to one knee and begin praying.  This is known as "Tebowing" and it's taken America by storm.  People are Tebowing all over the place.  Work, home, while shopping, at sporting events, you name and people have probably Tebowed there.  It even has it's own website dedicated to it where people submit the photos of themselves Tebowing.

Tebowing also has it's own definition on Urban now too.   Just in case you don't know what exactly Tebowing is, here is the official definition. :

(vb) To get down on a knee and start praying, even if everyone else around you is doing something completely different.

Tim Tebow himself is even down with the Tebowing trend as he sent out this tweet yesterday.

So here are some pictures of people Tebowing in various places.  I have even gotten in on the Tebowing trend and that's how I prep to go on the air.  Love the photos.

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