Wow, Tiger is making a rare late-night appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s show tonight. So how did Fallon sweet talk Tiger into this? Easy, he challenged him to a round of golf.

 There’s no better way to tweak an athlete’s interest than to challenge him to a little friendly competition. Granted they’ll be playing miniature golf, but I think this has the potential to be more fun to watch than a regular round.

This won’t be the first time these two have gotten together to compete though. In June of 2009 Fallon faced Woods in a game of Wii’s Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10. And get this... Jimmy beat him! I heard he won rather handily as well. Chances are Eldrick spends a lot more time out on the course than indoors playing video games though.

So, that mini-golf bit sounds great, but what I want to know is, is it just going to be some taped bit or will Tiger sit down for an interview? And if he sits next to Jimmy, will Fallon have to nuts to ask some tough questions and put him in the ‘hot seat’ of sorts? Or will he just kiss his ass and act like nothing ever happened with Tiger’s extra marital affairs? Personally, it all happened so long ago that I have little interest in whatever Tiger did, but it would be nearly impossible if he was sitting next to me to not ask him something about it and try and get some real and heart felt response from Woods instead any of the stiff and robot-like statements he’s made in the past that were clearly scripted and read with absolutely no emotion or feeling.

My bet is that Woods doesn’t even appear on the show and that they tape the whole event away from the studio. Or that should Tiger actually join him in front of an audience that Fallon just kisses his ass. C’mon Jimmy! If you get the chance, do the right thing!