You have always heard of certain things fetching a 'street value', but the growing trend of stealing Tide laundry detergent is puzzling police around the country.

Apparently there is a growing epidemic in this country of people who have dirty cloths.  Why do you ask?  Because one of the hottest stolen items in the country right now is Tide.  That's right, the laundry soap.  People are stealing this, and selling it on the black market for some big time dollars.  Many people are also trading the laundry soap in exchange for drugs.

Police estimate that Tide ranging from $10-$20 in the store, can get someone on the street $5-$10.  A Walmart in Minnesota reports that last year alone they lost almost $25,000 in Tide.  Police think that it's become such a hot item on the streets because it is the most recognizable of the laundry soaps.