A lot has been going on in the world of Three Days Grace in the last 2 months or so. Just days before Christmas, (now former) lead singer Adam Gontier exited the band, in unusual fashion via a letter from his lawyer to the band's management, leaving the band without a lead singer for their up coming tour. Some band's would crumble under that pressure but TDG prevailed finding a replacement in bassist Brad Walst's brother Matt.

Just before they hit the stage at the Glens Falls Civic Center on February 23rd, Wes Styles sat with the band to talk about their future, the reaction to Matt Walst as the fill-in singer, and more.

We started with speaking on the vibe from the audience (and for the band) with Matt in the role of lead vocalist: "The vibes been good, there's a new energy on stage," says drummer Neil Sanderson, "Matt stepped in and he's been along this ride this whole journey of Three Days Grace."

And that's part of the reason they asked Matt to fill-in on this tour. Neil says "He's no stranger to the arena crowd and been a member of the TDG family for a long time." Matt has co-writing credits on the band's debut album as well as Transit of Venus.

Bassist Brad Walst continued by saying that "when I got the phone call that Adam resigned I was actually eating sushi with Matt and was like 'hey, what do you have going on'. I think that was all of our first reaction because he's been such a close part of the band."

There were other people the band had in mind as well but, as Brad puts it best, "you've got to be comfortable with each other, and trust each other, and the chemistry is there."

The band has many more shows booked throughout all of 2013 and I asked if Matt will be there with them for all those dates, Neil replied "We're taking it one day at a time. Things are just working and there's new energy. Life is kind of about chapters sometimes."

The whole conversation wasn't just about the new line but also about song writing, meeting fans, and always working. Check out the full interview below.