My all-time favorite band The Used will be releasing their fifth studio album, Vulnerable on March 27, and the second single has just been released. "Hands and Faces" can be heard below, as can their first single "I Come Alive."

The new album will be released via their new label, Hopeless Records, and was produced by John Feldmann, who played a major part in the band's first three albums.

Below is the lyric video for "I Come Alive:"

To pre-order Vulnerable separately or in a bundle, go here.

The new album will be the follow-up to 2009's Artwork. Every time The Used releases a new record, they completely reinvent themselves. Each album has gotten less rock-like, and the upcoming one is a mix of what front man Bert McCracken calls "gross pop" and electronic, upbeat sound with classic lyrics. Even though they change drastically, The Used has yet to disappoint me. They've been my favorite band since I was in high school and that has never changed and never will. No matter what direction they go in musically it's always amazing. I hope they stop in the area for their upcoming tour.

Vulnerable's track listing is as follows:

  1. "I Come Alive"
  2. "This Fire"
  3. "Hands and Faces"
  4. "Put Me Out"
  5. "Shine"
  6. "Now That You're Dead"
  7. "Give Me Love"
  8. "Moving On"
  9. "Getting Over You"
  10. "Kiss It Goodbye"
  11. "Hurt No One"
  12. "Together Burning Bright"

Deluxe edition bonus tracks

  1. "Machine"
  2. "Disaster"
  3. "Put Me Out" (acoustic)
  4. "I Come Alive" (acoustic)
  5. "Together Burning Bright" (acoustic)

What do you think of the videos?